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Our Partners

Without our partners who are we?

Ambassadors for the Pontiac

Pontiac Tourism Association is a non-profit membership-based organization which works to stimulate and promote tourism in the Pontiac, hoping to make our region a great tourist destination.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a  major tourist destination in regard to outdoor

adventure, leisure and culture, and this, for audiences of all kinds, as well as reflecting an expertise, professionalism and friendliness in all our contacts with visitors to the Pontiac region.

Our Mission

By its mandate and its ability to regroup, as well as its expertise and leadership, the Pontiac Tourism Association will support its members in promoting their development, their activities and tourism in order to build the image of Pontiac Tourism and support the economic development and tourism in our region.

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Member benefits

  1. $10,000 in monthly google advertising

  2. Featured on

  3. Inclusion in promotional photos and videos

  4. Access to tourism training and networking events.

Registration Form

If you have made it this far it is time to join ATP.



What is ATP?

ATP is a not for profit organization that represents & supports the tourism operators of the Pontiac region.  As a group of volunteers our goal is to build networks, a brand and attract tourists to our region

What about meetings?

Meetings occur monthly from October to June each year.  During the summer months we try to meet but are often very busy operating our businesses.  Meetings typically occur at local businesses on week nights from 6 to 8 pm.  This can vary according to everyone's availability.

How can ATP help my business?

ATP has accessed incredible funding resources.  Our most exciting opportunity is a monthly $10,000 fund from google for advertising.  We have also created an amazing collection of stock photo and video that can be used for advertising. 

What is a featured route?

As operators ourselves we have the ability to create highly attractive themed routes.  Whether agro-tourism, adventure, food, nature and outdoors or cultural we can all benefit from attracting tourist to our amazing local offerings.

How does Google Advertising work?

We are working with a google marketing expert to create themed campaigns that directly target the clients our businesses are trying to attract.  Our campaigns will be based on the core categories outlines on this website.  Our goal is to attract new customers, but also show existing customers that they may be missing amazing opportunities in our region.  Why not stop in at a vineyard, restaurant, farm, local shop or ..... while travelling to a local attraction.

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