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Nature Seekers

Explore our country roads, which take you to the heart of our unspoiled wilderness. Every season offers a new adventure, and no two hikes are the same.

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Oiseau Rock

Discover the history of Oiseau Rock, from its formation after the last ice age, to the Algonquin who inhabited the area in the 1600s, their spiritual beliefs, and the many people who stopped by Oiseau Rock over the centuries. Natural look-outs along the trail also invite a pause to admire some of the most spectacular views on the Ottawa River.


PPJ Trail

Built on the old Pontiac Pacific Junction railroad tracks, the Cycloparc PPJ offers a relatively flat, enjoyable and accessible ride for the whole family. 

This 92-km off-road trail, which is for the exclusive use of cyclists and hikers, crosses the Pontiac between Bristol to the East and l'Isle-aux-Allumettes to the West. The agricultural and forest landscapes, wetlands, exceptional views of the Ottawa River and the small authentic and welcoming communities it intersects, make it a trail of contrasts and discoveries. 

Discover the history of the Pontiac Pacific Junction  (PPJ) through the Balado Discovery app.  

Castor Géant

A mountain bike trail network from  beginner to advanced levels established on the outskirts of Leslie Park. This loop crosses forest landscapes, lakes with heronries, crosses a river and a bridge to the delight of mountain bikers. The trails are shared with hikers.

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Featured Destinations

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Chutes Coulonge

Enjoy artifacts and information about the log drive as you enjoy the hiking trails, zip lines, obstacle courses, via ferrata, and more, Chutes Coulonge is your destination for adventure.

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Aventure Helianthe

A local cooperative that features outdoor activities year round.  From axe throwing to public beaches and so much more... 

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