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Featured Routes

Just a few of our favourite trips through the Pontiac

Ambassadors for the Pontiac

Pontiac Tourism Association is a non-profit membership-based organization which works to stimulate and promote tourism in the Pontiac, hoping to make our region a great tourist destination.



Looking for that farm to table feel?  Want to drink wine where grapes are picked, Enjoy beer made with local hops & honey?


Do we need to explain this one? Tour the Pontiac for some amazing poutine coupled with attrations, local destinations and more than a few breathtaking views. We will even give you the chance to walk off those calories.

Arrival & Departure.jpg


Looking​ to get outdoors and enjoy what mother nature has to offer? Our lakes, rivers and forests offer amazing opportunities to visit outfitters and .....

Summer Tour

If you have made it this far it is time to join ATP.

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